Einige INTERCO-Buchstabengruppen


AC I am abandoning my vessel.
AE I must abandon my vessel.
AF I do not intend to abandon my vessel.
AM Have you a doctor?
AN I need a doctor.
BR I require a helicopter.
CB I require immediate assistance.
CB4 I require immediate assistance; I am aground.
CB5 I require immediate assistance; I am drifting.
CB6 I require immediate assistance; I am on fire.
CB7 I require immediate assistance; I have sprung a leak.
CG1 I will stand by to assist you.
CJ Do you require assistance?
CK Assistance is not (or is no longer) required by me (or vessel indicated).
CQ General Call to all stations
CS What is the name or identity signal of your vessel/station?
CV I am unable to give assistance.
DV I am drifting.
DX I am sinking.
ED Your distress signals are understood.
EF SOS/MAYDAY has been cancelled.
FA Will you give me my position?
FO I am standing by you.
GW Man overboard. Please take action to pick him up.
GZ All persons saved.
HW I have (or indicated vessel has) collided with surface craft.
IL I can only proceed at slow speed.
IM I request to be escorted until further notice.
IR Stay at large.
IT I am on fire.
IT1 I am on fire and have dangerous cargo aboard.
IW Fire is under control.
IX Fire is gaining.
IZ Fire has been extinguished.
JG I am aground. I am in a dangereous situation.
JH I am aground. I am not in danger.
JI Are you aground?
JL You are running the risk of going aground.
JO I am afloat.
JW I have sprung a leak.
JX Leak is gaining rapidly.
KM I can take you in tow.
KN I cannot take you in tow.
KP Tow me to port.
LO I am not in my correct position (to be used by a lightvessel).
MG You should steer course ….
MY It is dangerous to stop.
MY1 It is dangerous to remain in present position.
NA Navigation prohibited.
NC I am in distress and require immediate assistance.
NG You are in a dangerous position.
NH You are clear of all dangers.
OY The port is mined.
PB I am engaged in minesweeping operations; you should keep clear of me.
PD Your navigation light(s) is (are) not visible.
PH You should steer as indicated.
PI You should maintain your present course.
PM Follow me.
PP Keep well clear of me.
QD I am going ahead.
QO You should not come alongside.
QP I will come alongside.
QQ I require health clearance.
QR I cannot come alongside.
QT You should not anchor. You are goin to foul my anchor.
QU Anchoring is prohibited.
QX I request permission to anchor.
RA My anchor is foul.
RB I am dragging my anchor.
RN My engines are out of action.
RQ Interrogative or "the significance of the previous group should be read as a question".
RU Keep clear of me; I am maneuvering with difficulty.
RV2 You should proceed into port.
RY You should proceed with low speed when passing me (or vessels making signal).
RZ1 You should not proceed out of harbour/anchorage.
SC I am under way.
SD I am not ready to get under way.
SO You should stop your vessel instantly.
SQ You should stop or heave to.
UH Can you lead me into port?
UL All vessels should proceed to sea as soon as possible owing to danger in port.
UM The harbour or port is closed to traffic.
UN You may enter harbour immediately (or at time indicated).
UO You must not enter harbour.
UP Permission to enter harbour is urgently requested. I have an emergency case.
UQ You should wait outside the harbour (or river mouth).
UQ1 You should wait outside the harbour (or river mouth) until daylight.
UR My estimated time of arrival (at place indicated) is (time indicated).
UR1 What is your estimated time of arrival (at place indicated)?
UV9 I am exercising freedom of navigation.
UW I wish you a pleasant voyage.
UW1 Thank you very much for your co-operation. I wish you a pleasant voyage.
VF You should hoist your identity signal.
VJ Gale is expected from (direction indicated).
VK Storm is expected from (direction indicated).
YD What is the wind expected to do?
YD1 The wind is expected to back.
YD2 The wind is expected to veer.
YD3 The wind is expected to increase.
YU I am going to communicate with your station by International code.
YV The groups which follow are from the International Code of Signals.
YZ The words which follow are in plain language.
ZK I cannot distinguish your signal. Please repeat it by ….
ZL Your signal has been received but not understood.
ZM You should send (or speak) more slowly.
ZS My vessel is “healthy” and I request free pratique.
ZT My Maritime Declaration of Health has negative answers to the six health questions.
ZU My Maritime Declaration of Health has positive answers to question(s) … indicated.
ZW I require Port Medical Officer.
ZY You have health clearance.
ZZ You should proceed to anchorage for health clearance.